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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this will answer most of your questions. If not, contact us


So....what is Saint Cloud Blue Sox Travel Baseball?

A.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing Saint Cloud area youth the opportunity to challenge themselves to become better baseball players, athletes, and people by playing competitive baseball.

Who can play Blue Sox baseball?

A.  Anyone ages 7 to 16 who either lives in St. Cloud,  or attends a 742 District school . Private or Charter schools also qualify. Additionally, if your town does not have a Gopher State opportunity, you may also play with the Blue Sox. It may be best to contact us if you have questions regarding eligibility, in most cases, there is a way to play Blue Sox baseball.

Travel baseball sounds like a lot of traveling and weekends playing ball. Is that true?

A.  Not really! Most of our games are played within a 30 mile radius. We play a 16 game league schedule (12 games at 9U), single elimination playoffs at the end of the year, and 3 tournaments. If your team qualifies, there will also be a state tournament.

  Our league schedules consist of 8 home and 8 away games. Our home games are played at Whitney Park in St. Cloud. Sartell, Sauk Rapids, Princeton, Becker, Big Lake, Watkins, and Monticello are in our league. There may be an occasional game in Rogers, St. Michael, Anoka, or other North Metro locations, but we attempt to schedule those games after the school year is over.

  For  weekend tournaments, we try to play 2 local, and 1 overnight hotel tournament. There is enough quality baseball in Minnesota to avoid trips out of state. Some parents line up carpools for out of town games, and coaches are often times able to help. 

How long is your season, and when are the games?

A. We offer optional indoor practices starting in February Focus on optional. We understand and encourage players to play other sports. As for team practices, they will start in April, depending upon weather.

  The regular season starts mid April and goes thru mid July. We generally play 2 to 3 games a week, with 1 practice. Games start at either 6:15 or 6:30. Tournaments generally are 2 day weekend events. There may be a Friday night game also, depending upon the number of teams in the tournament.

Do your teams stay together or do you have separate tournament teams?

A.  All of our teams stay together all year. Every team in Gopher State League does this as well. Our league games are all against tournament quality teams, giving Blue Sox players the best game competition every game. You will see players develop new friendships with teammates and opponents alike. While rivalries are built, respect for opponents and fun are top priorities

How do you determine teams and what level will my team play?

A.  At our evaluations, we use independent evaluators from St. Cloud Tech College. This is to give each player a fair and honest evaluation, independent from the Blue Sox. Team levels will be based on the overall projected competitiveness of the team. We want to offer development and fun over winning trophies, with the end goal of developing a well rounded player capable of playing at the High School level and beyond if they choose.

What are the fees associated with Blue Sox baseball and what do they cover?

A.  9U             $175

     10U-11U   $350

     12U-13U   $375

     14U-15U   $400

  Fees include field rental, umpires, league fees, tournament fees, indoor winter practice, baseballs, equipment, insurance, and other baseball related expenses. Financial assistance is available if needed. 

  These fees are comparable with other travel programs in the area and are designed to be a "break even" point for each team's expenses. Parents are also responsible to purchase a jersey from our outfitter that can be used from year to year. 

Do you run any fundraisers or have sponsors?

A. We only ask the players to participate in 1 fundraiser each year, a hamburger feed. Each player is encouraged to sell at least 10 tickets. We also host meat raffles from time to time at the Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill in Waite Park.

  As for sponsors, we appreciate all the community can do for the players! Use the "Contact" link at the top of the page if you would like more information on becoming a sponsor.

Are the Blue Sox active in the community?

A.  Absolutely! We partner with the Miracle League by helping out at games, the Boys and Girls Club thru their Kidstop program, and thru district 742 Community Education. Players are highly encouraged to participate in these fun character team building events.

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